DG Featured Member - Dominic F. Salvia

DG is proud to introduce Dominic F. Salvia of Sage Antiques & Decorative Arts, as its Featured Member of the Month!


DG is very excited to introduce Dominic F. Salvia as their featured member of the month! Dominic has been a long time member and friend of DG from the start. He has worked closely with Louise and the DG team on a number of projects throughout the years and was a supportive and instrumental force in organizing the DG Charity Auction held in November of this year. Dominic has been a Trust Administrator for many years and enjoys his profession immensely. However, the love of his life and all-consuming passion is collecting fine antique English Porcelain. 


Dom Pic


DG: What particular style and period of English Porcelain do you enjoy collecting?

DS: I like to collect English Porcelain, specifically Crown Derby, Coalport and Davenport wares in the Imari pattern, all before 1890. I am not of independent or unlimited means, so I am constrained by budget. I collect the best I can afford and I enjoy it immensely, it's a passion!


DG: What attracted you to be a collector in the first place? Has it changed over the years?

DS: I first became interested in antiques when I was around 13 years old. I found antique bottles and many 19th century wood working tools in what was originally an old barn on our property in Staten Island. I was drawn to these old things, remnants of everyday life from long ago. Shortly after that, my brother rented offices to an importer of Chinese Porecelain and Asian works of art. One day when I was visiting my brother at his store, I saw all of these beautiful items being carried upstairs into the office above. That was my first introduction to Chinese Porcelain. I bought what I could and paid over time from my allowance. Again, I was drawn to these beautiful items from another time. 


Several years later I became acquainted with English Porcelains in the Imari pattern. This decoration is Asian in origin and design, but was eagerly adapted by European Porcelain and Ceramic makers, especially the English factories of the 18th and 19th centuries. These factories produced wares greatly prized in Europe, decorated in the vivid Imari color palate which included Iron Red, Cobalt Blue and Gold Gilding--all on a White Porcelain background. I really liked it and was fascinated with the way European craftsmen had adapted the Asian style to make it uniquely theirs.


I decorate my home with all the pieces I have collected over the last 35 years. It's important for me to have my collection around me. It enriches me and gives me the feeling of being part of history and allows me to share these beautiful, old things with friends and family. 



DG Visits Polich Tallix Fine Art Foundry

Polich Tallix Art Fine Foundry: A Dynamic Start to the New DG Events Season
The Devenish Group organized a unique and interesting visit to The Polich Tallix Fine Art Foundry, situated in Rock Tavern, NY. 
On Friday, February 19th, members of DG met outside of Parsons School of Design and alighted the bus to take a group of Parsons design students, appraisers and the 1stdibs Art Logistics and Client Services team up to Rock Tavern, NY. We left NYC at 9am, on a bright sunny day and arrived at 11:30am. It was exciting getting out of the bus as we entered into the foundry passing several colossal, shining sculptures--the work of Frank Stella. (Stella has his studio right next door to the foundry.)
cobriant Stella
 Sculpture by Frank Stella (Polich Tallix Entrance)
Upon entering the spectacular foundry, we passed a line of gleaming gilded set of stell panels designed for the America Embassy in Mexico City, designed by Architects Todd Williams and Billie Tsien. We were then greeted by Vanessa Hoheb (Executive Sales and Project Manager), a long time employee of the company, whose most significant job is to welcome artists and clients, interview them and listen carefully to their instructions. Over the years, Vanessa has honed her ability to make sure she understands the client/artist's needs and ulitmate vision. 
Vanessa then communicates this information to the various departments at the foundry that will be involved in this production. Failure to do so can result in thousands of dollars of lost time and materials, not to mention an unhappy customer. 
Is is the polich of Polich Tallix to try and fulfill all of the artist requests without interjecting their own thoughts or giving any advice whatsoever on the final vision, unless asked for it. This is why household names in the art world enjoy bringing their designs and restoration projects to Polich Tallix -- because there is a trust that the company will bring their vision to life and fruition. 

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