About Us
DG’s ongoing mission is to collaborate with and invite members from all branches of the arts to participate in our programs and salons for the ultimate goal of creating a rich, multi-cultural body of individuals who learn, commune, enrich and inspire one another in our appreciation of diversity and worldwide humanity.  Our group’s vision is not limited to that of our personal lives, but extends to and embraces our global humanity and the arts therein.
DG Education and Resources
Through participation in salons, tours & travel and networking events— our members are provided total immersion experiences into the arts. Enlightening discussions and/or intimate (small groups) conversations with renowned experts and mentors and workshops that offer professional-level skill—are presented in engaging, oftentimes elegant and enjoyable venues.
DG provides enhanced opportunities for members to energize, inspire and exchange with one another while we learn and experience the new and undiscovered.
Our goal is to groom, educate and hand the baton on to those who will perpetuate the unequaled value of art to all people on our planet, for it is art that provides beauty, hope and harmony to and affinity with all mankind.