About Louise
Founding Director of Devenish Group, Louise Devenish is a venerated Professor of Fine and Decorative Arts at New York University, and Professor of Antique Connoisseurship & Decorative Arts at Parson's School of Design. She also holds the title of Certified Appraiser specializing in Decorative Arts and Furniture, and is a highly regarded Decorative Arts Consultant. Despite her many accolades and accomplishments, Louise is most proud of her vast and growing associations and friendships with her students, colleagues and enthusiasts of the Decorative Arts whom she meets and connects through her teaching, discussions, salon dialogues and arts-, culture- and architecture-based travels sponsored and escorted by Devenish Group. In Louise's words, "It's the greatest thrill and honor to bring people together - either the experienced or the new enthusiast - in our mutual journey to more fully appreciate the beauty of our world's people and the art they produce via their diverse cultures and mediums. A shared love of the arts has proven to be a method by which world-wide communities develop insight, peace, empathy and a greater tribute for one another."
Ask anyone who has attended one of Louise's lectures or salons, and it is for sure that you'll be told that she is not only a brilliant teacher and expert, but that she is fun! Louise's infectious and marvelous charisma and your further elucidation of the arts are open to ALL through Devenish Group's various activities beginning with Arts Connect Now! – Virtual (online) as well as LIVE, in-person assemblages. Devenish Group invites you to regularly visit its site for information on its newest events, special signature salons and opportunities – and for notices of our expert-guided tours. We hope to see you at one or all of our events!
Professional Experience
2009-Present                 Devenish Group                      Founder and Director
2006-Present                 1stDibs.com                             Consultant and Appraiser
2002-Present                 Devenish Group LLC              Appraisals:  Insurance, Estate, Charitable Donations, Equitable Distribution, Damage and Loss, Expert Witness.  Decorative and Arts Consulting
Academic Experience
1995-Present                 Parsons School of Design, NY  Adjunct Professor: Antiquest Connoisseurship for Interior Designers
1991-Present                 New York University, NY Adjunct Professor: Appraisal Studies Certificate in Fine and Decorative Arts (18th-20th century)
Professional Affiliations
Certified Member, Appraiser’s Association of America
Certificate:  USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice)
Member:  2010-Present LAPADA, The Association of Arts and Antique Dealers