Corporate Members
Devenish Group has created an innovative platform designed primarily for the younger yet sophisticated art-world-related professional and enthusiast/collector that could complement your corporate company in various ways — including providing you with contact information of 21st-century patrons of the arts who admire and value your company, and/or by offering you a compendium of registered members from which you can consider learned, skilled and talented candidates for full or part-time employment or independent contracting services. 
DG deeply appreciates your consideration of a Corporate Membership, for “No man is an island,” and especially now in DG’s infancy, we need your help and are grateful for your support.  
DG pledges to offer your company premier placement on our site and, quickly and flawlessly provide a link to your company’s website with the intent to attract more visitors to your site. Our DG membership is comprised of highly-educated, successful individuals who are interested in design of all types including architecture, music, performing arts, fashion, jewelry, antiques, modern art and the decorative arts, travel, ecology and domestic & world-wide culture. Our attractive monthly newsletter is constantly updated with interesting and pertinent content for people of all ages and cultures.
Please consider joining the vigorously growing arts community of the 21st century with your Corporate Membership to DG.  My promise to you is DG’s commitment to excellence and, above all, ethics in the marketplace.   
I look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions — and, hopefully, featuring you on the DG site!  
Respectfully yours,  
Louise Devenish