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Divine Breath, acrylic on canvas, 39"H x 58"W, 2015 by Claire Giblin

Come With Us To Lancaster, PA!
AUGUST 4-5, 2017

Our first summer trip meets established local artists and artisans in their own homes, galleries and studios. These behind the scene tours are planned exclusively for DG Arts members and Appraisers, especially for those starting out in the art world or considering a career in the arts. Artists will share inside knowledge and techniques of their craft with DG Arts members and answer their questions. We will meet with members of the Susquehanna Center for the Creative Arts. Studios include; fine art, decorative arts, lithography, letter press and photography.

August 4 - leaving NYC Penn Station AMTRAK at 7:17 a.m.
Arrive Lancaster at 10:01 a.m., Friday at 10:00 a.m. Claire will be waiting to pick up at Lancaster station. Drive to Marriott
            10:15 a.m.- 10:30 a.m. - Check in with Bell desk at Marriott            
            11:00 a.m. - Coffee at La Dolce Vita

            11:30 a.m. - Walk through to Queen Street to visit studio of Jerome Hershey 

            12:30 p.m. - Coffee/light lunch on Queen Street

            1:30 p.m. - Walk to home of artist, Gail Gray  

            2:30 p.m. - Walk to studio of Ann and Rudy De Laurentis
            3:30 p.m. - Return to Marriot to check in and take a break
4:45 p.m. - Visit studio of Susan Gottlieb
              5:45 p.m. -  Walk through square and up Gallery Row for First Friday.
                                    On the way walk along the stone river poem by poet 

            7:00 p.m. - Dinner at Belvedere Inn     

            10:00 a.m. - Central Market
            11:00 a.m. - Visit to the Demuth Museum director - Anne Lampe.
            12:00 p.m. - Lunch at Antonia's and (ask her to speak about the historic building)  
            1:00 p.m. - Pick up luggage at Marriott and leave for station
take a drive through farm country to the studios of 
August 5 - Leave Lancaster 2:40 pm (or 5:40 pm)
Arrive NYC Penn Station at 5:32 pm (or 8:34 pm)



              Claire Giblin - Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, is an artist who has lived and worked in 

Lancaster county Pennsylvania since 1986. She is former curator of the Phillips Museum of Art at Franklin & Marshall College, where she also

taught introductory painting, facilitated the 50 year ongoing weekly life studio sessions, and workshops in professional art practices. 

She is currently an accredited member of the Appraisers Association of America specializing in Post-War and Contemporary and Emerging art. 

She is a resident artist of the Susquehanna Center for Creative Arts.


Sue Gottlieb will be of interest to visitors. Her work is vibrant, colorful, exciting — much like
Susan, herself. She paints, teaches, writes books, and directs tours all over the US and
Europe. She has recently co-founded an alternative high school in Lancaster. Animated and
contagious, visitors will surely enjoy her studio and the artist herself.
Ann DeLaurentis is an accomplished watercolorist and etcher. She has taken up the
Precisionism developed by Lancaster’s beloved Charles Demuth and carried on by another of
Lancaster’s sons, David Brumbach. Yet, her own style of this technique is obvious in her city
scapes. Well traveled and creative in all of her endeavors, Ann and her photographer husband,
Rudy DeLaurentis live in a family compound in Lancaster City. The compound is anchored by
her workshop/studio and offices of the real estate company that they own and operate (they are
also real estate appraisers, governed by the same USPAP as we). They specialize in historic
farms and buildings, both in and outside the City of Lancaster. Lancaster enjoys the interest
and development of their older buildings and former business enterprises under the Historic
Trust and, as a result, there are many affordable repurposed housing opportunities for the
younger entrepreneurs that have either stayed or moved to Lancaster to live and to work
The visit to Ann’s studio will be an experience of city life in Lancaster that many tourists do not
get to see. The DeLaurentis’ will welcome you and will surely enjoy their charming city
Jerome Hershey - Acclaimed abstract artist, who has worked in his downtown Lancaster studio
since 1981, tirelessly and with great success. A visit to his studio is interesting and the artist will
bemuse you with his stories and his art.
Gail Gray has lived and worked in Lancaster City since 1972, and has had her downtown studio
at the same address as Jerome Hershey since 1991. We will visit her studio and then stroll two
blocks to her home on Prince Street where she and her husband, Mayor Rick Gray, have made
their home a meeting place and a place for sorieés midst their walls covered with works of art.
She is a former court sketch artist and finds her influence primarily in science. Animated,
friendly and full of ideas, you will enjoy this artist as she describes her multi-faceted work.

                      Milton Friedly is an artist and art professor at Elizabethtown College, in Pennsylvania, where he served 

                                                        as chair of the Art Department.  He who has received recognition locally, regionally and nationally for his work in

                                                                 ceramics, mixed media, printmaking and sculpture. He is Director for the Handprint Identity Project: An Exchange

                                                                Between Artists and Poets, a traveling exhibition of art and poetry and he directs the Susquehanna Center for

                                                                                                                         the Creative Arts in Columbia, Pennsylvania



Spring day trip to Pennsylvania for exclusive tours of Nakashima Woodworker Studio and The Wharton Esherick Museum. Transport via private coach optional. 


Our first stop will be the celebrated Nakashima Woodworker Studio in New Hope, PA. Mira Nakashima, daughter of legendary woodworker George Nakashima and friend of DG, will welcome us and lead us on a very special tour of the property including: Showroom, Conoid Studio, Museum and House -- all located within the spiritual woods of the vast Nakashima Property. 


Following our time at Nakashima, we will enjoy lunch and networking session at the historic Cedar Hollow Inn. Sure to be a treat! After lunch, we will head over to Wharton Esherick just 10 minutes away in Malvern, PA! We will take an exclusive tour of The Wharton Esherick Museum to view Wharton Esherick's original home and unique forms of furniture, furnishings, utensils, interiors, buildings and more. His motto, "if it isn't fun, it isn't worth doing," is evident in the joyful expression of his work, inviting the eye and the hand. A National Historic Landmark for Architecture, we will view hilltop studio/residence, with more than 300 of his works on exhibition.

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Dear students, members and friends, a special invitation to join DG membership or renew your membership within the next 3 weeks for a special complimentary ticket and exclusive guided tour with Louise to the prestigious TEFAF Fair Debut this

October 25th. Please specify your time availability when registering for either of the sessions 3:00pm, or if you are working then 5:00pm.


The world's illustrious dealers of Design, Fine arts, Decorative arts, and Jewelry.

From Antiquity to 20th century.   


Come with us! Be part of this updated, fabulous, iconic New York American tradition bringing all that's new in the world of art, design and antiques.....See the wonderful Abbey Aldrich Rockefeller Loan Exhibition from her Folk Art Museum in Williamsburg, VA.

Louise is offering a private curated tour of the show. Two sessions:

 3:00pm Register Here 

5:00pm Register Here

(Please meet at the 67th Street Park Avenue Armory 10 minutes before your session in the main lobby.)

NOTE:  A special networking 7:30pm dinner reservation has been arranged to welcome in the Chinese New Year celebrating the year of the Fire Chicken at the famous Fatty Fish Restaurant, which will follow the conclusion of the show. Please Register Here. Limited seating.





Dear design students, members and friends, a special invitation to join DG's wallpaper salon, meet some of the leading authorities on Antique and Contemporary wallpapers, including

Mike Gracie president of " Gracie " established in 1898. Carolle Thibaut Pomerantz renowned expert in Antique French hand blocked wallpapers, who will bring her book "Wallpaper a History of Style and Turns" to personally autograph for those who would like a copy. Brett Beldock, Exclusive Original Creations for Twenty First Century Living  wall paper designs by Brett Design Available Bradley N.Y.C. James Rosenthal from O'Sullivan Antiques, who will discuss David Skinner's traditional, handmade Irish wallpapers on display in the gallery



DG invites you to join us for Asia Week festivities commencing at 3:00 PM Monday, March 16th for a collaborative mini-fair in the beautiful Ukrainian Institute of America (2 E 79th Street) with a special exhibition by the Japanese Art Dealers Association featuring 60 works of art that span 2,000 years. We will view many beautiful works of art including screens, hanging scrolls, netsuke, lacquer, metalwork, oriental ceramics, Buddhist and Korean Art from Eric Thomsen Gallery, Koichi Yanagi Oriental Fine Arts, and Leighton R. Longhi, Inc Oriental Fine Art. The participants in this exhibition are world renowned dealers who sell to museums and art collectors locally and internationally. We are honored to visit these galleries during Asia Week and look forward to sharing the experience and education with you. At 4:45 PM we hope some of you will join us at Fatty Fish Restaurant (406 E 64th St, New York, NY 10065) for drinks and sushi. Register here!