Featured Members


At Devenish Group, commitment to our members is our job number one.  Our core mission is to promote and showcase DG members with vêritê, and in a way to convey the fascination and compelling brilliance of that member. Our articles are intended not just to inspire, inform and illuminate, but also to serve as learning basis for future major artists and designers who will inherit the responsibility and honor of passing the baton to our next generation of artists. We are dedicated to, and know for a fact, that the pathway to a more stable and peaceful world is through the language of the arts and beauty that is fluently spoken in every country in the world. 
To better acquaint our membership and readers with what’s happening and whom we’re enthusiastic for you to meet and connect with —a selected member will be profiled in a dedicated feature in each monthly newsletter.
All DG members are listed in our comprehensive, easy-to-access Business Directory and have full access to posting your own messages and information on our DG Blog. 
Our members join with clear assurance that we are here to do the best job we possibly can for them and that DG — as young as we are — has already garnered much respect as a trusted and ethical site in regards to both our member associations and the statements and editorial published on it.  On behalf of DG, I earnestly— and with much joy — invite you to browse, discover, connect, share and make great friendships via Devenish Group.