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DG Arts provides professional and confidential appraisal services designed for your specific needs and requirements, collaborating with a talented team of USPAP-certified and accredited members of the Appraisers Association of America with over twenty years of combined experience in the fine and decorative arts.
Our educational and enlightening DG Arts programs are tailored to enhance member’s careers providing knowledge, enjoyment and networking opportunities for all its members.


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  • Look out for exciting New York City events and out-of town tours where we invite you to participate in behind the scenes interviews and discussions with prominent artists and artisans in all branches of the arts including performance, film, video and photography.
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Join our diverse and vibrant group of members by adding your name and business to our DG Arts directory. Through joining DG ,members not only connect with their individual peer group, but also have the additional benefit of connecting with established leading experts and authorities in diverse branches of the arts encompassing many disciplines including but not limited to: Fine art, Decorative Arts, Film, Photography, Music, Dance, Appraising, Design, Conservation, and all art related professions.
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DG Upcoming Events

Lancaster, PA Summer Trip! Aug 4-5th, 2017

Our first summer trip meets established local artists and artisans in their own homes, galleries and studios. These behind the scene tours are planned exclusively for DG Arts members, especially for those starting out in the art world or considering a career in arts. Artists will share inside knowledge and techniques of their craft with DG Arts members and answer their questions. We will meet with members of the Susquehanna Center for the Creative Arts. Studios include; fine art, decorative arts, lithography, letter press and photography.


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Education Resources

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Education is very important to DG! Through participation in salons, tours, travel and networking events, members have total emersion into the arts, enlightening conversations with experts and mentors, acquiring knowledge and information at a professional level, in a fun and engaging way. DG provides enhancing opportunities to energize and inspire all members!
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Meet Louise Devenish

Louise Devenish Founding Director
Founding Director of DG Arts, Louise Devenish is a venerated Professor of Fine and Decorative Arts at New York University in the Certificate Appraisal Studies program. Louise is also a Professor of Antique Connoisseurship & Decorative Arts at Parson’s The New School of Design. She also holds the title of Certified Appraiser specializing in Decorative Arts and Furniture, and is a highly regarded Decorative Arts Consultant specializing in global furniture.